First Job: The Interview

I once was getting my first job. It was now almost two years ago but I still remember it, was very stressful going to my first interview since then I have defiantly built my confidence more. I recently found a sheet in an important folder with tips that I had given myself so it inspired me to write this post. As to hopefully help someone be a little less stressed or just to land a new or even a first job!

So here we go, some tips that I have to share with you are: 
Be yourself if they are hiring someone they want to hire you not some fake you. 

Answer slowly often if you are nervous you are likely to be stressed and speak fast and answer to quick, think about your answer, respond slowly but no to slow! Also just make sure to speak at a normal pace. 

Smile, make eye contact and be friendly these are all common gestures that show you are a good person and worth hiring. As well as sitting up straight. DON'T SLOUCH. It looks bad and makes you appear to be a lazy type of person and they won't hire you thinking you are less likely to be wanting to work. 

Make the interviewer feel like you are really interesting in working for them, answer there questions truthfully. If the truthful answer is no say "no but I can learn". 

Dont stress they will be able to tell and it gives off a bad vibe and could cause tension making them remember it as awkward. 

Dress nicely, its a first impression of you and you surely don't want to show up in sweats or tracks.  

Be available if you are only available one day for a few hours a week they are less likely to hire you because its less options. 

Be prompt, show up early. If not possible at least make sure you are on time. If you are late they will assume that its typical of you and you won't be at work on time, as well as unreliable 

Thank the interviewer for there time at the end and typically you shake there hands. 

Make practice question so you are prepared for what they might ask here are a few that I had. 

Why are do you want to work here/ why are you good for the job?
What kind of things do you enjoy outside of school/work
Tell me about yourself
When have you worked in a team?
Have you applied anywhere else. 
How will you get to work/mode of transport?

It okay to be rejected. It happens to everyone no one gets every single job in there life and if you haven't been rejected yet you will be in the future.  

Hopefully this helps and doesn't just make you more stressed :) 
 See you next time,
Isabelle xxx


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