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Life Update :)

Hi everyone!

It has been a long while. My year has been very crazy this year. I moved to Canberra but now I am once again living in Brisbane! Surprise? Not sure if I should even update everyone each time I move. I do think this is where I am going to be for a long while so shouldn't have any updates anytime soon. For anyone new here I am actually packing up to move for the sixth time since November 2016. So that's fun.

I am hoping to be studying next Semester either Dietetics or Film.
I now have a Youtube channel. Which is where a lot of my passion has been going, though I do still want to be active here.

I have learnt that I really love being creative.
I enjoy working and am totally introverted but life with friends is much better.
Since moving out I know that I can live alone and am independent.
I moved out at seventeen, and struggled with a horrible job but I got through it.
Everything recedes back to the mean, nothing can be good or bad forever. I have started to realise t…