Who loves the rain?

I am currently sitting in my room. With a blanket wrapped around me, this cool spring evening could have been ruined for many who wanted to spend it out doors. For me its been a lovely evening I enjoy the sound of rain. Listening to it is so relaxing. It is like a massage for my ears it makes my back less sore. It is a lovely feeling to fall asleep to, I understand why people have apps to listen to relaxing sounds on while they fall asleep. I would love to hear what you guys do to fall asleep. Also do you think that the sound of rain is relaxing.  

Isabelle xx

Wandering with a camera

Hola, I have always loved taking photos, always being the person with way to many photos on my phone or device I was using. I used to take photos of half dead roses in my back yard. The may have been half dead but I always tried to make the look their best. Different angles, different lighting. My gosh do I love golden hour (that doesn’t sound right in my head so oops I have have merged two things). I see things and just think wow that would be a brilliant photo. I have always dreamed of owning my own DSLR camera. I even bought the 7+ for the portrait mode, I used to love the photo shoots me and my friend would do after school for our Instagram. Taking photos in cute outfits, so we could have something to post when we wanted. Making them often look candid as we swing on a swing or ride a pretty bike (you know the retro ones, we both had one) those were the good times. Now I am almost always being the camera. Not happy with how I look but also without a friend who will happily just ma…

Writing and blogging passion & kindness

Hey everyone!  Welcome to another random post by yours truly Isabelle!  I just think it is unbelievable how easy writing is for me. I so passionately can write for hours. Plan a novel I dream of writing, writing poetry even or just random pieces of writing that I fill the notebook with beside my bed. For a long time I dreamed of being an author. Of spending my life writing, changing peoples life. Whether I spark something within there mind, ignite a new thought or simply just provide them with an escape from a world they don’t necessarily enjoy at the time. I always wanted to be someone special, to help people. To somehow provide a little happiness in peoples life. 
That in mind I think you can do a lot of that just by being there for people. Being kind to others, be someones friend provide them something they don’t want to escape from. I think that anyone can be a shining light in someones life. Small actions can change the world. You can change someones world. Inspire others to …

Two Helix Piercings!

Hey everyone! 
I got two new piercings, it was a very scary, exciting experience. I had been debating between two helix's, my second lobe piercings or all of them. Then the piercing lady said that they only recommend a max of three piercings so I just got my Helix's. I like that its a little out of the ordinary as most people only have one helix. Anyways I LOVE it, like literally love the piercing. 
They had to stick a needle through and then the earring in which hurt quite a bit. Now it only hurts when I touch is which is great. These are some pictures of it :) 

What do you guys have pierced? Don't forget to follow me :)
Isabelle x

The end of a chapter

Hey everyone! I officially have wifi! It sure has been a long time.
Anyways certain aspects of my life are coming to an end. Its bittersweet. Though it is exciting it is rather terrifying not knowing whats next. I am practically finished school only a few more days then assessment is done.  What lays beyond school for me is the question?  I am sure we all are sometimes nervous about the future starting a new job. Going to a new school, taking a step in a new direction to achieve what you want. 
Well I thought I would share a quick list of some ways to calm your nerves (some things are evidently simpler then others):  - a cup of tea - meditation - chewing gum - breathe  -excercise - do something fun  - distract yourself - read a novel -be in the sun - organise yourself -prepare - stretch  - take a bath -go technology free - colouring in  Some of these are great because they release endorphins and other scientific stuff that I don't know 100% so you can't quote me on so yeah. T…

Trend: Squiggle/Wiggly Eyebrows

Hey everyone!

So wiggly eyebrows what do y'all think? It is such a strange trend, I mean it would have happened at some point.
This is such a strange trend that honestly I am not the biggest fan of. The difference between this trend that is interesting is that no one has naturally wavy eyebrows. Where people can more naturally have thin or thick eyebrows. Our having them more clean cut also isn't that weird. This trend though is super crazy. Are people actually wearing this trend in public, I haven't seen it.
If you don't know what I am talking about here are some examples

here here
Isabelle x

Traits of Successful People

So you want to be successful? I am going to share some traits of highly successful people that you may want to work on possessing. Some of these traits are:

Read A Lot 
People who are successful tend to be reading all the time. These people are always learning, because they know there is so much more to learn. There is always more you can learn, they know that the competition could be learning more.

Research the Competition 
See what your competition is doing. Learn from other successful people, see what others are doing right and then do that better. Be better then them, be different and be smarter. Know your competition so that you can be one step ahead.

Wake Up Early 
Think about all those hours that you may be sleeping in the morning, that you could be working. Wish you had more hours in the day? Well you probably can, by waking up early. Work more then the competition by waking up early in the morning, don't sleep till noon get up and work!

Get Off Your Butt
Go out and work, get…