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Hello xx

Firstly, I just wanted to say I am no make up artist. Not a professional for sure, but this is a hobby and thought I would share a look with y'all.
If you would like to see more like this please comment it down below, and some suggestions on other looks you are interested in!

So First I prepare my skin. To do this I use the Luca's Pawpaw Ointment on my lips. To make sure my lips are not dry. Secondly to prepare my skin I use the Skin Milk, Facial Lotion. This is super moisturising and a pretty thick lotion if thats your thing. I personally love it and it was pretty cheap. This is where Primer would go but I honestly did not use any this day.

Secondly, I will start the Face Make Up. So today I used the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hr Concealer. Under my eyes and on spots that need a littler bit extra around my face. This Concealer is pretty heavy duty and I have been thoroughly enjoying it.
So next, what I use is just a BB Cream from Garnier, I did not want to use a foundation on this day. I wanted something a little lighter. I did not feel the need for something full coverage.
I also put a little but of my Rimmel Blush the Lasting Finish one in the colour Live Pink.
After this I used the Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder. I mostly used this under my eyes and on the T zone of my face.


Thirdly, I did my eyes. I used the Maybelline Cover Stick Correct Concealer. I just put the Concealer on my eye lids with my finger, to get rid of the veins, as well as to be a base for my eye shadow.
Next I used a mix of Two Eye Shadow Palettes to create this look and I used the light colours on both and the brown.  I used the Revlon Photo Ready and another one that doesn't seem to have a brand but I believe I bought it at Kmart. I then just blended them all out. I then did my Mascara.

Finally, I did the Lips I did a mix of two colours firstly being the Mode Matte Lip Cream this was in the shade Sleeping Beauty. Then over that I decided to lightly put a brown lipstick shade this was the Maybelline Bean There lipstick shade 380. This was at the time a regretted purchase due to the brown shade but I have been enjoying putting it over the very pink first shade.
Lipsticks I used 
The Final Look 
Before the second lip colour in case you like that better 
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That is the final look, I have some photos above! I hope you all enjoyed, please subscribe to my email list its new!

Love ya all,
Isabelle xx


  1. You have used so many fab products, and I love the looks you have created, you look stunning!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. Looks great on you!!




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