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I thought I would tell you how I have been able to consistently post twice a week since I started my blog. Well I got ahead of my blog posts. I have a job and I go to school full time I honestly do not have that much spare time but yet I have managed to completely keep this blog going. 

Once you are ahead you just need to stay ahead the beginning is the hardest. 

1 Firstly Make A List And Plan Ahead
I keep lists of what I want to write about in a post. Even often just on notes on my phone I get an idea and I write it down. But then later I plan the next months posts, what I want to post and when. You will often know that a holiday or a season is coming up and you want to post about that. You then also have the list to get other ideas from. This calendar isn't stuck the way it is, make it so that it can be moved around and shifted if you have something you really want/need to post. It also helps because sometimes you intend to post something but it doesn't work out, you don't like it or want to redo it or just can't have it done in time you can easily post another one earlier. 

2 Pre Write Posts 
Typically I have posts written long before they go up, then you aren't stressed when the time comes up. Just schedule when you want it to go up and then boom its up. Its a lot less stressful, even if you one day sit there and just prepare posts for a few hours then you should be set for a little while. Then you can focus on the posts for later. You then also don't necessarily have to write posts every week you can have a weeks break in between it also means you don't get sick of your blog, because its not stressing you out. You also then get to take breaks from it. 

3 Start Posts When You Think Of Them 
When you start posts as you think of them they are fresh in your mind. I have quite a few drafts that I can just go back to to continue writing. When you think of the post its fresh in your mind you have a vision of what you wanted, when you leave a draft it may help to also leave dot points of your ideas. Personally usually I remember where I was going when I even just write a sentence or two. 

At first it may seem hard and like a lot of work but in then end its a lot less stress and will feel like a lot less.  I hope this was helpful, and that you can actually use these and make blogging a lot less stressful! 
Hope you enjoyed a post with more words this time! 
Isabelle xx


  1. I agree with starting posts when you think of them! I have some drafts ready of posts I was thinking about =o) Blogging is a lot harder than many think =o)

    1. yeah I agree, it is actually a lot of hard work! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  2. I agree with these tips. Surely helpful!


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