Adventure : Ice Skating

Hey everyone!
Recently I was on a trip to the Gold Coast. I had heaps of fun on this trip.
In this trip we went Ice Skating, I have a decent amount of experience Ice skating so I thought I would be okay. The thing about Ice skating is that it is NOT like riding a bike! Every single time I do it lately I am horrible. I blame this on not having great balance. I still have blisters from this experience.

You may be wondering why I am sharing this experience with you. It is because I want to tell you that is was a lot of fun, the next day I was at Dream World and I was like I want to be Ice skating right now. Even though I fell on my butt a lot I still had so much fun. I made friends and gained a new experience. I was honestly nervous to do this, fall in front of everyone.

That in mind I think everyone should do things out of your comfort zone. It can be as simple as Ice Skating. New experiences build you as a person. Pushing yourself will lead you to achieve great things no one has every achieved much staying in the safety bubble. You may find something you love, I really enjoy this and would love to actually develop a the skill.

So my friends do something this week that pushes you out of your comfort zone!
Hope you enjoy the photos that I have to share of it, it was a really nice rink.

Isabelle xx


  1. I love ice skating in the winter! It's so fun to do with friends.

  2. I have tried skating too with my family and it was so much fun.

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  3. It looks like so much fun! Hope you enjoyed!

  4. great time spend with friends its all about fun... :) best wordpress themes free download


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