My Goals Right Now

Some people don’t have goals, but then where is your life going. How are you going to improve? I have a few simple goals. 

Goal 1: transition fully to a plant based diet and find vegan alternatives to everyday items.
Currently the only times I eat meat is when someone else is feeding me. All the meals I make at home are 99% plant based. I am hoping to change that to 100% plant based and to not be buying anymore items that may include animal products like checking my soaps ect. I also am working towards replacing my leather items like work shoes with synthetic options and then donating the leather. So that it isn't going to waste but I don't have to feel bad about wearing the clothing.

Goal 2: Be as active as I can
I really am not the most active person. I don’t lay in bed all day at all. I just don’t work out; I ride occasionally but even that I haven’t been doing as much. My goal is to ride as much as I can and to start working out at home, then to eventually go to the gym. When I can afford it.

Goal 3: be better equipped
This goal is to have better equipment for the photos I take for my blog, and eventually when I make videos as well. So the content on this site can continue to improve.

 "Decide, Commit, Succeed"
Love always,
What are your goals?


  1. Great goals here. I hope you will achieve them by the end of the year. :)

    Joy to the World!


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