Why you should Travel & Go on Adventures !

Hey everyone!
Recently I have been really excited for the possibility of travelling in the future. I dream of getting out of my everyday life and go explore the world and my country. This lead me to discover that travelling is actually good or you. So I am going to share some reasons how and why you should travel!

It makes you happier 
There are plenty of long and short term aspects that make you happy. Otherwise people would not travel, makes sense ay? Things like getting Vitamin D because you are outside also help.

You find Self-Confidence
When travelling you deal with many unexpected situations. Allowing you to become more adaptable and confident with yourself.

Increased appreciation for family and home 
You don't miss something you have, so when you travel and are away from home causing you to miss your loved ones. This creates a deeper appreciation for them when you see them again and their company. I know this is true for my boyfriend since we are in a Long Distance Relationship!

New Friends 
It is easier to make friends when you are travelling, without the hustle of everyday life, people are more likely to chat to each other.  This can lead to some great friendships. Especially if you are travelling on the road in similar directions and may see them again.

You time/ Social Media Free 
It is important to have some time to yourself. Especially if you are someone like me who is introverted this can be really beneficial to wind yourself down and have a good time. Also being social media free for a bit can lead you to feeling more free. Often you may be wifi free for a bit when travelling so it is really great for you to be able to just be wifi free and enjoy the time you are spending with others and int he new places.

Lack the usual daily stressors 
Many people take a holiday just so that they can escape the daily stressors this can help you relax. Leading to you being a more relaxed and happier person. This can also mean that when you go back to the stressful environment it will see easier and you will be more productive after the break. This can lead you to be a more content and relaxed person overall in the long run.

Cultural Sensitivity
Getting out of your bubble can be really important. It can mean that you learn new perspectives and open your eyes to other peoples life. Helping you be more culturally sensitive. This can lead you to be a better person by being more kind, caring and understanding.

Out of comfort zone
When you are travelling you are typically out of your comfort zone. This can lead you to achieve greater things in everyday life, escaping your comfort zone taking things a level higher then everyone else to create greatness.

Hope you enjoyed this post xx
Comment down below if you want to hear more about travelling, also where should I travel?

Isabelle xx


  1. so cool!



  2. You are so right! It's really important to get some travel time away from social media and experiencing different cultures! :)

    Ellone | Looktheotherway.co | Minimal Lifestyle & Fashion

  3. I love to travel and this year was the first one that I didn't go anywhere and it feels weird. Lovely post :)


    1. wow yeah, Im practically always on a plane this year! But to the same places haha

  4. Oh wow, Isabelle, you nailed it down perfectly and thoroughly. It can be hard to think about something else to add to this list. Great job!


    1. Thank you thats so sweet, you are too kind :)

  5. I absolutely love traveling. I couldn't agree more with all your points!

    I saw a quote on Pinterest a while ago that says 'traveling is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer' and I think it's so perfect <3

    xo, Allie


    1. wow yes thats amazing! I love the it is super true!

  6. Great post!!!

    Traveling is an awesome experience! I have learnt so much since I have started traveling and it really changed my life :)

    Thanks for sharing this!


    Seize your Style


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