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2017 in Review

Happy New Year! 
Wow we all got through another year, what a hectic year its been. I thought I would share with y'all a little post recapping the crazy year I have had! 

“Life is not short; you just have to do more” 
What a true quote! Below is a load of 2017 milestones in good old list form:
-I did a year of Long Distance although this started in the end of November 2016 my entire year until November (it was almost exactly a year) I was in a long distance relationship. Although this was hard it was totally worth it and one of the things I am proudest for getting through. -On the same point of a relationship, for the first time I had a 1year Anniversary! Yay go us. -I moved Interstate twice ish (moved then spent a month there and then back to where I lived before so didn’t feel like I moved till end of January)(My moving tips here) -I caught my first flight alone (A post on travel here) -Then caught many more flights -I went to a school Formal and with a date that’s a pretty worthy bon…