My Purpose


One for the reasons that I always struggle to continue blogging was a lack of purpose. Why was I really doing it and what was the point? I wasn’t changing anyone’s lives, were people actually reading my content or were they just commenting pretending they did?  I would be enjoying writing blog posts but then would get stuck, thinking this is a waste of time I shouldn’t be putting so much time and effort into this. What was the point?
Back then I was just writing about topics I was interested in, sharing my adventures ect. I didn’t have something I actually wanted to share with people, and definitely not something people were actually going to be benefited by. I wasn’t passionate about what I was writing. It was always such a challenge to stay motivated when there wasn’t really a reason for me to be doing it.

That in mind, I think it was important for me to always have the desire to blog and create content. So I think that it was good that I had the experience and now I know that I want to share my health journey and that it will have the possibility to help others that is really what is keeping me going!

I really love what ‘kylemfraser’ on Instagram wrote on one of his captions:
“In the mean time I will be training, filming, eating, grinding away at what our life is all about. What is our life about? It’s bringing people closer to a more compassionate healthier way of living. There’s too much suffering in this world and it’s our duty to let people know what’s up. Take it or leave it, but those that take action will make change and with change comes results and results speak for themselves” 

I found this super motivating, do you? I like to believe I am taking action in changing my life and in sharing that with people it has the potential to influence them and create a chain reaction to the changes I have made in my own life. You can’t change how someone acts but you can change yourself. Work on becoming your best self, to set an example to others.

Usually I end with a quote but today I ask you a question.
What story will your life speak, without the words you speak everyday but purely with your actions?

With love,



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