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All About Me Isabelle Elli 
"Any one can find the dirt in someone, be the one who finds the gold"

I am Isabelle, welcome to my space on the internet, I have had a blog for a few years but I never had a focus or a niche as many people describe it. I was young and had not yet found any passion besides writing and creating (hence why I started the blog). I still love it and think about it a lot and have been working on creating this new site for months now.

A little bit about me
So I am so happy you are here! A little bit about me on a personal level is that I have an incredible sense of a humour and am a pretty empathetic person. I love to create, write and super into health these days.
I am living in Australia, but was born in Canada. Australia is a very beautiful country and I love to explore it I live for adventures, I tend not to have a routine and just have a desire to do crazy things, travel and explore the outdoors. I moved out of home at 17, currently 18 which is allowing me to grow up pretty quick.

Health Journey, Veganism?
The change began with me wanting to be my healthiest self. I have always struggled with my weight and at first I wanted to lose weight. I then considered it further and came to the conclusion that I would rather feel great the look great. So in doing that I started my research in what is the best diet. I always new vegetables were important and the best things to be eating but I was also scared of things such as gluten, carbs ect with all the fads saying to cut this and that out (which I have definitely tried a few of them) which never really work in the long term because there is nothing to motivate you to keep doing them. In my search I learnt the bad effects that animal products were having on my body. How the carcass’ are literally ruining my body. I was astonished by the amount of research and the figures that I found of the kind of rewards I would gain from essentially just going vegan. For example, going gluten free wouldn't improve the bodies defense against cancers. My conclusion quickly led to me researching it more and more and settling on the fact that this is likely the healthiest option for my body.
I am working towards going fully vegan. This site is documenting my journey on this lifestyle change. I promise to be fully honest and do my best to help you guys out. 

My goals
 I currently am working at a grocery store, although it is not a bad job I eventually want to be working for myself. My goals and dreams for my life as of right now are to travel, spread positivity and the vegan message and most importantly have fun. I have always been a very overly ambitious person.  I dream that in reaching as many people that I can I will eventually be able to make social media my job. 

I thought I would finish off the same way that I did with my old about me..

All I know is in my future I want to be great. 
I want to achieve greatness, but I don't know what 
my greatness is.

*I am open to being contacted by brands and anyone and would love to be sent an email at the email mentioned above

Love you all 
Isabelle xx

You can contact me by:
        Email: isabelle.elli11@gmail.com 
                 and my Pinterest is:
                 Isabelle Elizabeth
Instagram is: Isabelle.elizabeth_


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