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Whats in my bag?

Hi everyone, 
So this is the insides of my bag firstly my bag I have had for a while now and I bring it practically everywhere with me. I really like it and it is not to big nor to small for me. I really like having the backpack style of bag to take with me.

Wallet My wallet is from Sports-girl and I just think that it is really pretty and has served me well. It is the perfect size for me. 

 Coin Purse  My coin purse is from Cotton On I bought it recently for $9.95 and I really love it. The colour I love and i like the size I often take that instead of my wallet especially to work. I just put the few main essential things that I need such as my back card and maybe some cash.  2015 Typo Planner
 This Planner is what I use to plan my Internet things on I plan what I am going to post on my blog when I will write it and post it. I love the size especially because I don't need to write a ton of things in this planner. I don't always take this one with me but I do often have it on …

Organisation Tips!

I am a very unorganised person. But over my life I have figured out some ways to help me be more organised and I always feel much better when I do simple things to make everything seem organised. Have a clean room or house, that is my number one tip if you have messy surroundings you will feel so unorganised and will affect you mentally.

Writing lists  I write many lists. I often write what I need to do that day or week, what I need to buy, what I am going to eat during the week. Make lists for everything then everything is semi planned, you know what you are going to do and when you are less likely to forget to do something or forget a major ingredient for Thursdays lunch. Making short term or long term lists have helped me a lot they have made my life much more organised during the chaos of things. 
Planner/ Diary Using a Planner or Diary so you can write events that are coming up. Whether its an electric calendar on your phone or and actual planner you bring around with you. I love h…

Crazy Spicy Burning Chocolate?!?!

This I didn't get up to much it was a Monday on the school holidays. My brother and I decided to go for a walk, it was a little but chilli on this day but it was pretty warm for a winters day. I remember having so much fun on this day. We had loads of fun just walking to the little shop where we then bought some chocolates I bought one of my favourites a Hershey's Cookies and Creme bar. One of the things I like about this place is they have lollies ad chocolates that the other shops don't have like we don't have that chocolate in that size if at all anywhere else that I know of.

We also happened to notice this Tobasco chocolate that I bought and all my brothers tried it. If you don't know Tabasco is like a spicy sauce that often used on Tacos, it was surprisingly spicy. Well according to my brothers my whole family were jumping around with burning mouths but I didn't taste anything but dark chocolate. It was very funny

I didn't do much else that day but her…

How to be happy

Sometimes its a challenge to be happy, so here are some tips to help brighten your mood :) and make it a bit easier to be happy...
1 Number one when you wake up get out of bed don't stay on your phone for an hour just get out of bed not only will this make you feel more awake and it will make you get on with your day and when I do this I tend to be happier that day. 
2 Smile! So even if you aren't happy smile it make you feel happier and if you smile at someone they will naturally smile back and it will make you feel better. 
3 Exercise even if its starting your day by walking your dog or doing stretches it will make you happier it will wake you up more and make you energetic, also make you healthier try to have at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. 
4 Get enough sleep, go to bed earlier just get enough sleep you body needs it and it will make your body feel better giving you more reason to be happy. 
5 Eat well, this obviously isn't always up to you in what you eat but f…

The Surf

Something I did the end of this summer was learn to surf, we also went snorkelling that day.
It was the best experience I have ever had, one of my favourite days of my life. I loved it when I would be standing on the board for a few seconds. I would at first stand and fall off after a few seconds but I would get back on, the water under the board was an amazing experience.
I did it with friends and we had a blast just trying our best to surf, for weeks it was all I could think about.

We also went snorkelling we saw octopus', sting ray, star fish, sea urchin, and other things it was really cool. I really loved that too and it was so much fun, the water was freezing. It didn't matter though it was such a new and crazy experience and we had wetsuits so it didn't even affect me.

This is just a post for me to remember that amazing day but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. I found something I love so it was a great day.
Isabelle xx

Rainy Days...

I generally tend to walk my dog everyday even when it is raining outside so here are some of the pictures that I took on a recent rainy day as it has been raining a lot lately. These are all unedited and I hope you enjoy! Isabelle xxx