Hi all, I have been feeling a strong pull to write here again. Its been some years, I lost passion for my blog, I started making Youtube videos and fell down that rabbit hole for a while, I have been writing in different ways in the past year. I have been working on novels (plural because I keep coming up with ideas and not completing anything). I really enjoy reading my old posts about my life and constantly looking at my own Instagram page (call me vain I dare you) so I may start writing here again. Not sure about what but possibly about things, sometimes hopefully. I have been finding a lot of Joy in my life, this leads to my life motto -everything recedes back to the mean- thank you Teen Wolf. So with all these Joys I have had equal lows. Tomorrow is my birthday, to me it's the worst day of the year. I don't enjoy my birthday in my mind it is supposed to be a day where you feel loved but I tend to feel the opposite. I am the person who goes way above and beyond fo

Life Update :)

Hi everyone! It has been a long while. My year has been very crazy this year. I moved to Canberra but now I am once again living in Brisbane! Surprise? Not sure if I should even update everyone each time I move. I do think this is where I am going to be for a long while so shouldn't have any updates anytime soon. For anyone new here I am actually packing up to move for the sixth time since November 2016. So that's fun. I am hoping to be studying next Semester either Dietetics or Film. I now have a Youtube channe l. Which is where a lot of my passion has been going, though I do still want to be active here. I have learnt that I really love being creative. I enjoy working and am totally introverted but life with friends is much better. Since moving out I know that I can live alone and am independent. I moved out at seventeen, and struggled with a horrible job but I got through it. Everything recedes back to the mean, nothing can be good or bad forever. I have started t

My Goals Right Now

Some people don’t have goals, but then where is your life going. How are you going to improve? I have a few simple goals.  Goal 1: transition fully to a plant based diet and find vegan alternatives to everyday items. Currently the only times I eat meat is when someone else is feeding me. All the meals I make at home are 99% plant based. I am hoping to change that to 100% plant based and to not be buying anymore items that may include animal products like checking my soaps ect. I also am working towards replacing my leather items like work shoes with synthetic options and then donating the leather. So that it isn't going to waste but I don't have to feel bad about wearing the clothing. Goal 2: Be as active as I can I really am not the most active person. I don’t lay in bed all day at all. I just don’t work out; I ride occasionally but even that I haven’t been doing as much. My goal is to ride as much as I can and to start working out at ho

My Purpose

Hiya! One for the reasons that I always struggle to continue blogging was a lack of purpose. Why was I really doing it and what was the point? I wasn’t changing anyone’s lives, were people actually reading my content or were they just commenting pretending they did?   I would be enjoying writing blog posts but then would get stuck, thinking this is a waste of time I shouldn’t be putting so much time and effort into this. What was the point? Back then I was just writing about topics I was interested in, sharing my adventures ect. I didn’t have something I actually wanted to share with people, and definitely not something people were actually going to be benefited by. I wasn’t passionate about what I was writing. It was always such a challenge to stay motivated when there wasn’t really a reason for me to be doing it. That in mind, I think it was important for me to always have the desire to blog and create content. So I think that it was good that I had the experience and

Why focused on my Health? / Vegan

Hello my beautiful readers!  So this question exists.... Why did I become so interested in health? Well to be fair I always was interested in health. The difference is that I have moved out and get to choose what goes in my mouth now, and where my money goes. No one can tell me that I can’t be vegan. I have always struggled with my weight and have be exercising and eating healthy in hopes to better manage my weight (still early in the journey) and to ultimately feel better. I have found that just from exercising alone you tend to love your body more and see yourself as more attractive.   I have not always had a good relationship with food and that is another thing I wanted to change, I always thought wow when I move out I am never going to buy junk food (and I really don’t!). I am going to work to be healthy so in a way its what I have always wanted. When living at home I didn’t really have control over what I ate I got fed and I ate what I was g

Why Veganism

Why veganism you ask? It really comes down to three things: It is better for my body, the environment and the animals. I could spend my entire day writing this so I will keep it short and then share some good sources to learn more from at the end. We dont need it? Animal products for many reasons are not meant to be consumed by the body. The biology of a human body is made up to be a herbivore from our jaw to the length of our intestine or even the PH level of our bodies makes it clear we aren’t omnivores but actually in the herbivore range. When it comes to the environmental aspects animal agriculture definitely has one of the leading negative impacts, a billion animals are killed a week, what happens to the fecal matter you ask? Often its just dumped into rivers. Animal agriculture contributes to land and water degradation, biodiversity loss, acid rain, coral reef degeneration and deforestation. Livestock farming contributes to 18% of human produ

My go to Oatmeal Recipe / Vegan Food

My go to Oatmeal recipe This lately is my favourite food (tied with mash potatoes), I literally eat it everyday either for breakfast or later in the day after a smoothie. It satiates me and keeps me full for a long period of time. I love the flavour but I also love that its so versatile and I can mix it up every single day It literally never gets boring and I love it!! That being said I thought I would share with y’all my go to Oats recipe. Enjoy! Ingredients   Serves 2: 2 cups Soy Milk (or any plant based milk) 1 Tbsp Cinnamon 1 tsp Brown Sugar (optional) 1 cup Rolled Oats 3 Tbsp Black Chia Seeds Fruit to top Method: 1.          Put your plant based milk in a pot, on medium heat. Add Cinnamon and Brown Sugar. Mix together. 2.          Then add the the Oats and Chia Seeds. Continue to stir so it doesn’t burn. 3.          When it is the desired consistency, usually this is when most of the liquid is absorbed and the Oats are soft. 4.          Serve