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Year 12 Formal - Success

I made it, I completed my education. 14 years of my life were spent dedicated to this single purpose. Pretty much my entire memory is from being in school. If you are wondering why its 14 where I did Kindergarten you were meant to do it for 2 years as we did a week of English then a week of French. Education is important this is the truth.
It may be important but what I am learning is far more important than education is learning to learn, and obtaining knowledge. Knowing how to learn and continuing to learn is a life long commitment. I may have finished school but I am still eager to learn as I hope I am the rest of my life.
I intend and will learn and obtain knowledge today and tomorrow and I will say this tomorrow as well. As many of you know of the common saying 'knowledge is power' it supports in showing the importance that it carry's. My goal was to complete school. Now that I have completed that goal it has adapted into wanting to be successful in life. Everyo…

Christmas tree fruit

Hey everyone xx

Here in Australia it is summer for Christmas so the cozy food doesn't always work, so to anyone who is struggling to find some food that will work in hotter climates. this tree in my own opinion will be a brilliant idea. The kiwi and then any fruit can be used as decorations, to create an aesthetic refreshing treat.

I may have some shorter posts this month as I am trying to produce a bunch of Christmas ones for you all!

Isabelle x

The love

Hey all its me again thanks for coming back to my little spot on the internet!

I tend to write in the evenings, its a relaxing thing to do before bed. As I have mentioned before I love writing and I looking back at a little bit that I wrote the other night:

"I play the smile on your face, the sound of your voice the look in your eye,
over and over again on repeat.
The broken record playing in my head
allows me to remember the pure beauty I was graced with.
I see the pureness of your soul. I feel the love you radiate through your skin.
Reminiscing on the way you make me feel loved, I marvel on my luck on how I managed to stumble into your presence.
You are my home,
my safe haven. "

 This reminded me about how far I have come since the start of 2016. How far even him and I have come. We started a relationship, we did a year of distance and now I am back in the city I started. We both finished school. What an adventure, I am truly grateful to have got through distance. To cont…