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I have my posts so written in advance and I wanted this to go up this week so heres a extra post for the week!

Today I randomly decided I would do a review on some of 'The Body Shop' products as I do have many and love a lot of them!

Pink GrapeFruit Shower Gel - 
This is the main shower gel I use in the shower, I got it for my birthday in one of the smaller bottles and fell in love. Since then I have been buying the bigger ones and I have not even got sick of it. I remember just smelling it and being like that is so so so GOOD. I just kept wanting to wash myself. It really does smell amazing, but with the scent I wouldn't probably want it as a body mist but something that is more subtle and you wash off. It is a little expensive but it has literally lasted me forever, like a few months and I am about half way done. Probably my favourite summer scent ever for a shower gel.

Strawberry Soap -
The smell of this wasn't to bad, this didn't last that long but its also cheap so not to much of a problem. I did enjoy this but it wasn't as good as smoother soaps I have used before. Its a pretty good product that I would recommend.

Mango Soap - 
I did like this one better than the above soap. But were the same other than the scents, the smell wasn't as strong as the other. It was also rather good but I honestly don't really know what to say about a bar of soap, it was a bar of soap haha. A very summer scent and just felt so fresh.

Strawberry Body Butter - 
 I got a whole collection of strawberry stuff as a gift once hence another strawberry product. I don't know if I am that big of a fan of 'The Body Shops' body butters, they are very thick. They take a while to dry as well and I always feel very stick afterwards. But when it does dry it makes your skin feel very nice so I am torn whether the feeling is worth it.

Strawberry Body Polish -  
This product is tied in first with the GrapeFruit Shower Gel, I love this.  I sadly used it really quickly because I love it that much. But it is the best I used it in the shower and the bath. it leaves your skin feeling very nice. I like the beads inside it there are better than many of the other products I have found. The only downside of this product is there isn't much of it and it doesn't last very long, which is sad because I loved it so much.

Coconut Hand Cream - 
This is fairly good, it does moisturise my hands. But it takes to long to dry. Its the perfect size, I have often had it in little coin purses or in my purse and I would actually say its a must have for my purse. I am very picky with hand creams though and this is above average. I even get some rather expensive ones and I would say am more pleased with this one.

Body Mists - 
I have to favourites of these, India Night and Jasmine Cherry Blossom. These smell really good. I prefer these over a perfume especially for school. All last year there was one in my locker and one in my work bag or at home at all times. They were a must. I have these around now and still love them even as I have purchased many more body mists I tend to go back to these regularly. Since buying them they have gotten a new packaging which I at first thought was nicer but now I actually like less.

Fijian Water Lotus Perfume- 
I know people who either love or hate this scent. I definitely like it. Its a light and fresh scent, it isn't overpowering and I have it as a perfume. I do really like it it just smells so so fresh, I can't decide but it could possibly be my favourite out of the body mist range. I smells of tropical waters, it actually has a water sense to the smell which I found interesting.  It is expensive but not for a perfume so its actually worth trying out!

This is how you can find the products above!
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GrapeFruit Shower Gel-
Strawberry Soap -
Mango Soap-
Strawberry Body Butter -
coconut hand cream-
Body Mists-

I hope you enjoyed my little review.

Love you all
Isabelle xx

If anyone has anything they want me to post be sure to let me know in the comments!!


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