August Shower Favourites

Hey everyone!

So this month I tried a few new products and added them to my shower routine. I went through many different shampoos and conditioners but was not living any so not showing any of those.
The first thing I am going to share is a a Body Wash

Body Wash - Country Life - Kakadu Plum
This body was has a lovely mild scent. It is not overly sweet or strong. I really enjoyed smelling like this afterwords and it has a good lid. Also lasted a while I would say its a solid 8/10 product.
Can be found in Woolworths and is very reasonably priced.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment - Kmart $4
I love using this on my hair. It definitely makes my hair softer and stronger. It does take time and I should probably leave it in longer but I put it in my hair do other shower things and then rinse it out. It is lovely. Its very cheap. This is sort of evident I cracked the lid when I dropped the container but besides the lid its been perfect. 8/10

Facial Wash - Woolworths 
I honestly bought this because it was the cheapest face wash that Woolworths had at the time, although I think it was on sale at that point. I like the way the gel of this one feels and my face does feel cleaner afterwords. It may not be very moisturising though but I moisturise right after my shower so its okay. I love it, different to others I have used before. 7/10

Hope this interested you!
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Comment down below your fav products in the shower Im keen to try new ones as these are all now empty from loving them. 


  1. Nice favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These sound lovely! Have a great weekend, Gemma x

  3. Nice ones!

  4. I really love anything with argan oil, it always does wonders for my hair! Ok, maybe this will sound weird, but that body wash bottle looks kind of like a wine bottle! Cute design! lol!


    1. yes I love argan oil, haha I see what you mean with the body wash


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