A guide to Happiness

Sometimes its a challenge to be happy, so here are some tips to help brighten your mood :) and make it a bit easier to be happy...

1 Number one when you wake up get out of bed don't stay on your phone for an hour just get out of bed not only will this make you feel more awake and it will make you get on with your day and when I do this I tend to be happier that day. 

2 Smile! So even if you aren't happy smile it make you feel happier and if you smile at someone they will naturally smile back and it will make you feel better. Like the good old saying fake it till you make it. 

3 Exercise even if its starting your day by walking your dog or doing stretches it will make you happier it will wake you up more and make you energetic, also make you healthier try to have at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. This will also release endorphins and other good things through your body that will naturally make you happy.

4 Get enough sleep, go to bed earlier just get enough sleep you body needs it and it will make your body feel better giving you more reason to be happy. Its a lot more challenging to maintain a good mood when you are tired. This is one of the biggest reasons I find myself in a bad mood. 

5 Eat well, this obviously isn't always up to you in what you eat but filling your body with garbage will only make you feel bad (like garbage). But eating healthy food will make you feel better with processed food a general rule is the less ingredients the better it is for you, also the less food miles the food has the better it is (food miles are how far the food has to travel to get to you). The worse the food is for you the harder it is for your body to process it. This will cause you to be more likely to be tired which links with number 4. ALso make sure you are eating enough hunger can also affect your mood!

6 Socialise, talk to your friends don't just hide at home go out and do stuff with them, call them on the phone I know talking to my friends makes me feel a lot better. Get out go and have some fun with your girls/boys.

Choose to be happy, happiness is a choice if you wake up and choose to be happy it will make a difference and you will always have bad days but remember each day is a new day and you can have a better day tomorrow. 
I know it can be a challenge sometimes so good luck.

Love you all,
 Isabelle Elli


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