Whats in my bag?

Hi everyone, 

So this is the insides of my bag firstly my bag I have had for a while now and I bring it practically everywhere with me. I really like it and it is not to big nor to small for me. I really like having the backpack style of bag to take with me.


My wallet is from Sports-girl and I just think that it is really pretty and has served me well. It is the perfect size for me. 

 Coin Purse 

My coin purse is from Cotton On I bought it recently for $9.95 and I really love it. The colour I love and i like the size I often take that instead of my wallet especially to work. I just put the few main essential things that I need such as my back card and maybe some cash. 

2015 Typo Planner

 This Planner is what I use to plan my Internet things on I plan what I am going to post on my blog when I will write it and post it. I love the size especially because I don't need to write a ton of things in this planner. I don't always take this one with me but I do often have it on hand.

Apple Earphones

Next is my apple earphones I got them when i bought my phone and they are really great i wouldn't be able to use any other earphones anymore.

BB Cream

Lately I have been loving BB Cream it leaves my skin feeling great and something i will most definitely be buying for a while to come. 

Maybeline Mascara

This mascara was cheap but I am loving the way it makes my eyelashes look it doesn't run and it adds heaps of volume to my eyelashes. 

Maybeline Concealer 

This concealer is just from my local Drugstore but I will admit I will be buying some more the next time I see it, I love this stuff and you guys will be seeing it for a long time to come. 


Of course I always bring pens with me everywhere I like to write things down and who knows when i will need a pen. They are something that are essential to have and have made my life so much easier many times. 

Kiki.K Planner 

Yes, they are expensive but so worth it you can re-use them for years. I love the rings and the section at the back. the sizing is good for me and this is where I plan all my non-internet related stuff. I much prefer using a planner than online calendars. This planner i will be refilling for years, I love buying extra dash boards and things to decorate it to keep it interesting. I you would like a post about what i have done to it please comment down below. 

Impulse Perfume in Aerosol 

Just to start I thought I would say I love these so much I have them in every scent. They are cheaper than other perfumes and I like to keep them in my bag encase I feel like adding a scent to my body. I most often keep the smell Very Pink or Illusions with me. They are small and are easy enough to bring everywhere with me. 

Paw Paw

This is really lovely for your lips and I see almost everyone with it and would definitely recommend it. 

Sports-Girl Perfume 

This perfume is also just one that is easy to bring anywhere and mine is in the scent In A Daze and to be honest this is one of the few scents that they have that I actually like but this one quite nice and not to strong. It is a kind of fruity smell and I must say I use it all the time. 

EOS Lipbalm 

Everyone uses this and I really love it, my lips are left soft and moist and one of the lip balms that I really love. 

So that is everything in my bag I hope you enjoyed reading it and ill hopefully have a new post up soon! See you later! 


  1. I have very similar things in my backpack! Cute post :)

    xx, rebecca

  2. thanks yay thats awesome! Im checking your blog out now!!!

  3. Really cool blog post.😊
    Just a question where did you get your purse from cause its REALLY nice?
    S xx 💖💗💘

    1. Its from a shop called Sportsgirl. Might only be in Australia :)

  4. The Kiki K Planner sounds like a really fun way of keeping yourself organised! I may well switch to planners soon, instead of plain books/lists :)


    1. Yeah I love using my planner! I also keep many lists but with the Kiki.K planner I am also able to keep some of the lists in that its amazing. You can buy like things to add I think theres one thats called like a dashboard or something!

  5. I love how your bag looks! And I really want to get Kiki K planner, it sounds so good :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thanks my mum bought me the bag even though I picked it out its actually getting old now and its really sad

  6. For me, I ALWAYS need a lip balm in my bag! So interesting to see what's in your bag! For me, I know it's tons of receipts and wads of tissue hahaha

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. Yeah haha I try to make sure I don't keep those in my bag because then it gets so messy my wallet is pretty full of receipts though

  7. Looks like you have all the essentials!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. You backpack is very cute! The only make-up item I carry around is lipstick or lip balm.


    1. Yeah recently I have been trying to cut down, I only have lip balm in the past week or so because I have been wearing less makeup :)

  9. I love both of your planners, they're so cute! :)

    La Luna Vita

  10. I love all the pieces you have in your bag, which is so cute btw! I especially love your planner, I really need to get one!



  11. I love these posts! Great selection of products!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  12. Love this post. Thank for sharing & Happy Weekend! xx



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