Organisation Tips!

I am a very unorganised person. But over my life I have figured out some ways to help me be more organised and I always feel much better when I do simple things to make everything seem organised. Have a clean room or house, that is my number one tip if you have messy surroundings you will feel so unorganised and will affect you mentally.

Writing lists 
I write many lists. I often write what I need to do that day or week, what I need to buy, what I am going to eat during the week. Make lists for everything then everything is semi planned, you know what you are going to do and when you are less likely to forget to do something or forget a major ingredient for Thursdays lunch. Making short term or long term lists have helped me a lot they have made my life much more organised during the chaos of things. 

Planner/ Diary
Using a Planner or Diary so you can write events that are coming up. Whether its an electric calendar on your phone or and actual planner you bring around with you. I love having the hard copy version as I find it easier to see whats coming up and plan around other events. But an electronic copy can mean that you get notifications meaning that you don't forget to go to appointments and things as such like that. Even a Calendar in your Kitchen can make such a difference. 

Put Things Away
When you are done put things away, I know it sounds obvious but this is something i personally suck at. It will make things a lot more organised if you they go back where they are meant to go when you are finished. If it doesn't have a spot give the item somewhere to go. 

Throw it away!
You will probably be surprised at how much you can throw away. Simply throw away the things you don't use or need. Before buying new clothes go through all your old ones and give them away that way you won't be accumulating a large amount of clothes, that you won't be able to handle in your closet and will just end up on the floor or not where they are meant to be believe me I know this from experience!

Tidy Everyday
Yes, this is very similar to previous ones but its true even giving up five minutes before going to bed to clean up a part of your house or room even if its just your desk your life will feel much more organised, I have been working on this and it actually adds up and then my room is in much better shape than it was before even if its just picking up clothes off my floor to tidying the books on my shelf.

I have many different passwords for those things that you just want to have a seperate password for, such as your bank or even Facebook. When I make a new password I write it down i often write it on a piece of paper or on an index card most commonly and then i can have a few passwords on the same index card, then I put them in a little box that I got from a two dollar shop. Its especially useful from when you have to change your password every 6 months or however long making it that much harder to keep track of your passwords.

Those are the main thing that I try to do to organise my life just that little but more and I have found that they have helped me a lot. Hopefully the same for you.

Isabelle xxx


  1. Great tips! these are the type of things I follow to keep my life as organized as possible! loved your blog! I'm following you! hop on my blog and follow me too =)


  2. I wish I was more organised, I try to keep lists but it never works, I do tidy almost everyday though and it does help me feel organised! x


    1. Lists are the main thing that helps me haha thats funny even if its just for the day, I try tidying every day but thats what I fail at!


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