Wandering with a camera

I have always loved taking photos, always being the person with way to many photos on my phone or device I was using. I used to take photos of half dead roses in my back yard. The may have been half dead but I always tried to make the look their best. Different angles, different lighting. My gosh do I love golden hour (that doesn’t sound right in my head so oops I have have merged two things). I see things and just think wow that would be a brilliant photo. I have always dreamed of owning my own DSLR camera. I even bought the 7+ for the portrait mode, I used to love the photo shoots me and my friend would do after school for our Instagram. Taking photos in cute outfits, so we could have something to post when we wanted. Making them often look candid as we swing on a swing or ride a pretty bike (you know the retro ones, we both had one) those were the good times. Now I am almost always being the camera. Not happy with how I look but also without a friend who will happily just make plans together with the plan of a photo shoots. We also utilised her dog and would take photos with them too. I now wonder if people realised we would spend a lot of time to take photos. I mean I had a good feed then, did they know that we would just stand there in a clearing so we could take photos? I think it is kind of funny looking back at 14 year old me. Loving taking photos and putting the best on my Instagram. 

The funny thing now is my desire to run from social media. To stop scrolling and start living. That being said I will always be wandering through life with my camera. Enjoying every moment and sometimes living the moment taking mental pictures of its beauty. Other times being able to relish on the beauty that it was through the technology we have these days. 

yours truly the wanderer, 

Isabelle xx 


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