My Productive Day


Hey everyone 
This is my productive day of yesterday!
8 am 
Wake up get dressed. Eat Breakfast which I had a piece of toast. 
I then Showered and did my regular morning routine. 

10 am 
After having a pretty slow morning I go to the library to do school. I do school online and do not have wifi at home at the moment. We get it Friday the excitement is real! 

Take a break from school and talk to my boyfriend on the phone

2pm I finish up school at this time and then I get a snack from the local shop to tied me over till I can cook myself lunch

I make myself a toasted sandwich with Roast Beef, Cheese, Tomato after it was toasted I added lettuce and some mustard.
The rest of my afternoon consists of hanging out with my family, working on school work, fixing up my room (it now looks good after the move, who would like to see it?) 

Have dinner Sang Chao Bao, this was delicious. Then work on the dishes 

Walk the dog in the rain, it is dark by now. I really enjoyed the pretty views that my new street has seeing all the lights of the city.

This is when I had a bubble bath, I used the taylor swift bubble bath and a black head strip. 
I read Girl Online: Going Solo by Zoe Sugg which I have been meaning to read for ages now. I found it hard because it felt young but I enjoyed the other books and have got into it now. I am enjoying it. What are you all reading? 

8:42 pm 
Go to the grocery store for some quick groceries. I did this in super comfy clothes. 
Then I talked with my family and messaged my boyfriend. 

Go to sleep. This day felt productive and really nice. I love it when I leave the house for things other then work. Doing school online is a great decision but it sure can get lonely especially for your first year in a new city. 
Would anyone like me to share my experience of online school? The pro and cons or how to know it is for you? 
I always dreamed of home schooling, was it something anyone else ever thought of? 

Till next time, 

Isabelle xxxx 


  1. Starting the day with toast sounds like a very good idea! Also, kind of wanting to take a leaf out of your book and get to sleep at 11pm - I keep going to bed way too late, haha.

    1. haha yeah if I go to sleep later I am so tired the next day!

  2. Productive days are the BEST! it's so satisfying when you look back and realize you were just so on top of it!

    Susie |

  3. I'm reading This Star Won't Go Out by Esther Earl and Gone by Michael Grant💕Id love to see what your room looks like after the move, I recently redecorated mine and I'malways looking for new ideas

    1. ooo Ill have a look at this book sounds interesting! Yes I would love to show you all!

  4. Didn't have toast in such a long time! I'll make some tomorrow morning too. Wishing you a great weekend. x


  5. Loved reading this post! Got a smile to my face! You should write more about your day! :) Oh and I would love to know about the online school!

    1. Ah thanks I will write posts about it! Glad to make you smile

  6. glad to hear that you had an very productive day :) I've been pretty lazy this weekend

    1. Lazy weekends can be very well earned or even needed. Hope you enjoyed it!

  7. It sounds like you had a really good, productive day! :) xx

  8. Good on you. I find that a well planned day gives desired results . Keep it up

  9. Productive day indeed. The food sounds delish hungry!

  10. I always consider a productive day when I can squeeze in a nice warm relaxing bubble bath =o)

  11. It's completely a good feeling to have a productive day! I wish I can be like you getting to bed earlier than midnight :) Nice post!

    1. I make a bit effort to try and at least be in bed by midnight, because I am so busy. I often cant fall asleep will around midnight though this was a good day for sleep!

  12. I love productive days!!
    xx- Nina

  13. That does sound like a productive day! I love days like that.

    Corinne x

  14. Great post !
    Give me positive vibes :)

    Kenza from


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