My Best Friend.

We all need a friend. Most people even have a very best friend. 
Oh hi btw! 
Nice to see you popping on to my page again, always love your company. 
Anyways, my best friend is actually my dog Stanner. I know unique name ay? I always dreamed of getting my very own puppy and one day we did just that, it was love from day one. 

Though it wasn't until 2017, that he literally meant the entire world to me (he already meant a heck load dont worry). The past year I did school online, and he kept me company every single day. 
I moved to a new state and we spend countless hours exploring together in the beautiful sun running around ovals, chilling in the cool grass. 
He snuggled up next to me as I watched Netflix in the evening, I cared for (mostly cleaned up after) him post seizure. Kept him company when he couldn't sleep in my own bed because we worried he would have a seizure. I once even slept on my laundry room floor with him. I am eternally grateful for his company during the year, without him I would have been incredibly lonely and living a less interesting life if I am completely honest.
Who is your best friend?
How have they improved your life?

Isabelle xxx


  1. That's cool. I like your blog. Go to my blog

  2. So cute!
    xx- Nina

  3. Aww this is so cute - a bond between a dog and their owner is unbreakable! :)


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