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Hi all,
So today I thought I would give you some tips about surviving exams and how to get through them with some studying tips. At the moment I am in the middle of my exams I have a week and a half of exams It has been very stressful. As I have been going through exams I have thought of some tips that might help you when the time comes.

1. Start making flash cards or have a revision book early, one of my friends has a book that she had for ages and would have a glossary and anything important she thought might be in the exam seperate to her other book and says this really helped. Another thing is making the flash cards at the last minute wastes a lot of time for me up to a few hours when i could have been revising this stuff yeah writing stuff down may have helped a little but i don't thing so and you can always write everything out again later.

If you don't want to be hauling the index cards around all year you can always do it electronically then you can revise with your laptop or your phone. I have tried out many apps and my favourite is Quizlet I have the app on the phone and I often put the information in class on my laptop, if you make an account the flash cards will just sync for you. You can do so much on it I really love it.

2. Make the time to study!
I know this sounds obvious but make the time even if its a week before the exams I know I had two a day and the night before I didn't know which to study more if you are prepare early enough you will know everything you need and it will be a lot less stressful I also had an extremely busy weekend before my exams so didn't have much time to study then and this made the first week of exams very stressful.

3. Ask your teacher questions, is this going to be in the exam? Get them to write everything that is in the exam on the board (all the topics) when we got the teacher to do this it made studying a lot easier some teachers wouldn't do this but when they did it made those exams less stressful on the day. 
Listen to what they say in class often they will be giving little hints on whats in the exam. Also putting you in the right direction for you study. Also take note of things especially if they have been repeated. 

4. Study alone
Studying alone in a place with no one around can mean that you can focus and get into things better. It means you will be more productive and you do not have anyone to distract you and start a conversation with.

I hope these four tips help you I know its not that many but I saw this in my drafts and decided to post it as it was rather than never at all!

Isabelle xxx


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