The Surf

Something I did the end of this summer was learn to surf, we also went snorkelling that day.
It was the best experience I have ever had, one of my favourite days of my life. I loved it when I would be standing on the board for a few seconds. I would at first stand and fall off after a few seconds but I would get back on, the water under the board was an amazing experience.
I did it with friends and we had a blast just trying our best to surf, for weeks it was all I could think about.

We also went snorkelling we saw octopus', sting ray, star fish, sea urchin, and other things it was really cool. I really loved that too and it was so much fun, the water was freezing. It didn't matter though it was such a new and crazy experience and we had wetsuits so it didn't even affect me.

This is just a post for me to remember that amazing day but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. I found something I love so it was a great day.
Isabelle xx


  1. hi! nice post,lucky you i love surf and i'd like to have an opportunity someday to discover it from near ratther than watch it fro videos/Tv,happy for you you discovered somethig new!

    1. Aw thanks! It was such a great discovery!!!


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