The love

Hey all its me again thanks for coming back to my little spot on the internet!

I tend to write in the evenings, its a relaxing thing to do before bed. As I have mentioned before I love writing and I looking back at a little bit that I wrote the other night:

"I play the smile on your face, the sound of your voice the look in your eye,
over and over again on repeat.
The broken record playing in my head
allows me to remember the pure beauty I was graced with.
I see the pureness of your soul. I feel the love you radiate through your skin.
Reminiscing on the way you make me feel loved, I marvel on my luck on how I managed to stumble into your presence.
You are my home,
my safe haven. "

 This reminded me about how far I have come since the start of 2016. How far even him and I have come. We started a relationship, we did a year of distance and now I am back in the city I started. We both finished school. What an adventure, I am truly grateful to have got through distance. To continue to have this person in my life. No more saving money to be able to afford those flights to just spend a few days together. Now its like dang we live 10 km away or like today we are sick so we aren't seeing each other and thats a sad thing (one day apart is sad! life is good). Its different how things adjust quickly. I am very excited for the beginning of a new chapter. To be a normal couple, to prove that we conquered distance.
Love always wins.

I Isabelle am finally home.


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